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In olden days Korea, Ggomoosin was a traditional rubber shoes worn by the ancestors.

Mellow Ring

Mellow Ring


These shoes are made of material that is safe for the baby & tested non-toxic. Also, I’m sure you have heard how allowing babies to walk barefoot benefit how their feet grows & develops. Our product is able to mimic that, while providing protection to the soles of little ones. This is an essential product for every baby’s first step.

  • Sole Material: TPE Rubber (material commonly used to product teethers)
  • Weight (based on 115mm): 34g
  • Breathable Virgin form (Ortholite) insole included (contains deodorizing ingredients)
  • Vent holes on on rubber soles & insole material
  • Honeycombed soles with excellent frictional force
Size (mm):
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